LURPS Character Tool

Use the form below to design a character for LURPS. The Character Value tracker will keep track of how many character points (CP) you spend. Click save and export to create a character sheet.

Humans are a prolific race which the Gods seemingly have made as a joke. They have invented several competing languages, making communication between themselves impossible outside their own lands. Their bite can cause sepsis, they excrete an explosive gas and they fight each other based on the colour of their hides. In between waging war on each other because they can, they work together furiously to build for themselves, often creating structures that are excessively large. They exist on an unbalanced diet of fats, sugars and substances they know to be toxic to themselves. They lack the dexterity to scratch their own backs and cannot even contort to be able to reach most of it with their tongue. Humans have deep emotional attachments to many ideals such as honour, duty and nobility. These tend to push humans further forward than most races would expect them to, where someone may give up in a hopeless situation a human will blindly continue the path because someone of a higher station ordered it to. Their mass numbers and luck have propelled them to be the dominate race. When the sciences and arts flourished, they simultaneously promoted and suppressed it.

Attacking does not prevent you from subsequently moving if you had any movement remaining.
All your skill rolls do not lock out 1's for the purpose of re - rolling failed dice.

A single point in a stat raises it by +5. This has no upper limit. Each character starts with 2 ranks in all 3 stats, granting them 10 HTP, MAN and SPE. This does not count against their starting CP amount.

Feats are special abilities, additional specialist training and unique quirks that grant a character some useful talents in their adventures. A character can buy a feat with 2 CP. A new character can buy-off a feat with two flaws (see Flaws) for a maximum of four flaws and two feats.

Animals prefer not to attack you and you empathize with them readily. When mounted on a living creature, you make riding checks with DC2.

Flaws are negative aspects of a character, representing their foul habits, bad upbringing and other undesirable traits. They can be used to buy feats at character creation. You may also invoke a flaw not only for roleplaying, but also to gain inspiration, which grants a character a great bonus to the difficulty of their rolls.

You are addicted to a substance like drinking or smoking. Or an act, like dancing or gambling. You must resist or feed your addiction if the opportunity presents itself.

Most if not all civilized places have methods of belief and religions. Players should pick a religion as part of character creation to help round them off. With all the mystical and unexplained things that happen, atheism is rarer than chicken teeth.

To smith metal is purity of the soul, taking earth, air, water and fire to create a solid item is greatness. Largely unchanging, respect goes to the eldest or most law abiding. Their temples are frequently filled with artwork made of metals. To shape the toughest metals is the best of these, and tiny trinkets of hard metals are worn around the necks as proof of their devotion.

If your character has a job in their backstory, it may give insight into your adventure! People will react differently to you based on your profession (they often know it based on your surname) and GM's are encouraged to make skill checks easier if they think their job would help them. Jobs may allow you to justify starting with some unique equipment, discuss this with your gamemaster.

Many cults start off with high ideals that get corrupted by leaders or their advisors who become power-hungry and dominate and control members' lives. No group with high ideals starts off as a 'cult'; they become one when their errant ways are exposed.

Your character cannot have more than 7 ranks in a skill. By default, all characters start off with 0 ranks in all skills, except for Unarmed and one single combat skill, for which they get two free ranks that does not count against their starting CP. All further skills must be purchased with CP, the cost of this is set by your Gamemaster.

This skill enables you to create, identify and use potions, poisons, alchemical items and more.Often, having a background in herbalism is useful as well to harvest the plants needed, or mining to dig up useful minerals like cinnabar.Making an item often costs half the store cost.See Crafting with Alchemy, Page 52.

An adventurer starts out with either two weapons of their choice, or a weapon and a heater shield (standard quality made of wood/steel).

They also start with around 3 items or 1 kit (which contains 2 uses) from the list on this page and 5d6 silver pieces. For every character point beyond 20, roll an addition 1d6 silver.